Christian Childcare

St. Luke Christian Church is blessed to offer exciting outreach and childcare opportunities to our community.  Please peruse the following documents to find out more about our available services.


Equal Opportunity

St. Luke Christian Childcare Center will not discriminate against any child on the basis of their sex, religion, national origin or disability. Our teachers are required by law to report all cases of suspected abuse and neglect to the proper authorities.

Matters of Money

All payments are due by 5:30 PM on the chosen day prior to childcare services being provided. After 5:30 PM, the late fee will be assessed. If payment is not made within 3 days at drop off, your child will not be accepted into care until payment, including all late fees, is made. If a period of 1 week passes without payment received, the contract will be terminated, the position filled, and the collection process begun. You will be responsible for any costs related to collection of the childcare fees. These costs will include late fees, day of loss wages, cost fees and childcare fees. Cash or Check is accepted and a receipt will be given upon request.

A year -end statement of all childcare fees paid will be provided within the first month of the New Year. A returned check fee of $35.00, plus any additional costs we incur, along with our late fee will be charged to you for a returned check. All future payments will then be made by cash. Childcare fees are due regardless of whether or not your child attends. You are paying for a position, as well as a service. No refunds are given for late arrivals or early departures. All childcare services will be contracted.

Hours of Operation

HOURS: Monday – Friday 6:45* am – 5:30pm (see rates below)



Children who are Potty Trained $90/week* Children who are not Potty Trained $100/week* Infants under the age of 6 months $110.00/week*


$35.00 Annually

Termination Policy


Two (2) weeks notice is required when terminating this contract. Two (2)weeks payment may be made in lieu of notice. If our director feels it necessary to terminate this contract you will be given a 2 weeks notice (time to find another provider). We reserve the right to make immediate termination if we feel that continuing the contract in any way endangers our staff or the other children enrolled for care.

Downloadable Forms

CCC Application click to download
CCC Policy Handbook click to download