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Trustee Ministry

Dr. Charles Basham, Chair
Rosetta Chun, Vice Chair
Eric Cunningham
Kim Davis Vincent
Ed Grimble
Joe Munson
Eura Reeves
Lillie Vincent
Emma White
Kerry Warner, Ad Hoc

Finance Ministry

Umeeka Smith
Thelma Brooks
Tiffany Dobbins
Shakenta Myles
Emma White
Markia McCants
Janelle Peterson


Tithing and Giving

Tithes and offeringOne of the ways God enables us to create wealth is by rebuking the devourer and keeping Satan away from destroying our finances. But there is a condition we must follow – we must bring our tithe into the storehouse (the church). Most Christians know this and many already do so. However, when money is tight and the bills exceed the income, tithing is unfortunately usually the first to go. The thinking goes like this: if you cut back on giving your 10%, you will have more money left to pay your bills. Plus, God understands, right?

The problem is that God and His principles don’t follow the logic we know. God’s teachings often appear backwards from what we would naturally believe (the first will be last, if you want to be great then serve, etc.). So while it may seem logical that cutting back on tithing would help your financial situation currently, the truth is, this actually leaves you behind.

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